English Classes

  • Located in: Marydell Faith & Life Center
    Address: 640 N Midland Ave, Nyack, NY 10960
    Phone: 845-512-8176

    email: OneToOneLearningINC@gmail.com

  • Class Schedule:

    Monday and Wednesday evenings 
    8:00 PM to 9:30 PM. 

  • Children's Program

    Children attend while their parents are attending class.  Older children receive homework assistance, read, and write. There are reading readiness activities for pre-school and kindergarten children.   Children do crafts, play games, and have a snack.

  • Levels:

       ♥  Beginner-use packets developed by One to One.  On completion students should be able to speak in the verb “to be” (for example—I am a teacher—You are a student)
       ♥  Level I - use text and activity workbook, “Side by Side” - Book 1.  On completion, students are able to speak in the past tense. 

       ♥  Level II - “Side by Side”-Book 2 - On completion, ability to use past and future continuous tense, imperatives, concentration on adverbs and adjectives.

       ♥  Level III - “Side by Side-Book 3 - On completion, ability to use present perfect tenses, gerunds, infinitives, and connectors.

       ♥  Level IV - Students begin to prepare for high school equivalency with a concentration in reading comprehension and writing.

       ♥  Level V - Common Core Reading and Writing - Continued development of reading and writing skills. Teachers use Social Studies sections for reading comprehension.  Students are able to get assistance from skilled math and science teachers.