Jannette Elias • Henry Elias • Roxana Morell - 2022

Jannette and Roxana worked on their Citizenship interview with Kathy Gnazzo, our daytime citizenship teacher. Both students had a good background in speaking English and so their focus was on the United States History and Government. It was a good time to be enriched with the truth of living in a democracy. Ms Gnazzo instills in her students her deep love of her country. A new student will begin classes for citizenship with Ms Gnazzo. It will be a new challenge since this student is limited in English and so the process will be different and longer. Our evening citizenship class has 13 students, some new this year and others who have been in process for two years.

Paul Parsekian 2022- 2023

After teaching Pre-GED classes for ten years, I was happy to prepare the student for the naturalization interview, I needed to use my skills as an ESOL teacher. But also, I had the opportunity to express the love I have for my country through educating my students about the U. S. Constitution. As we discussed each amendment in the Bill of Rights, I would identify countries that exist to this day where those rights are not protected. Students could relate to their experiences in the countries from which they came.

Gretchen Kane

The relation- ships that have formed over these months have been a gift. As we laughed and learned together, trust grew which was supported by listening and learning from one another.
With growing respect, we shared personal journeys which enlightened me. Difficulties that many endured attested to their bravery, intelligence, determination and faith. It was clear that we each share a love of family and this country.