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There is a bumper sticker that says, “Expect a Miracle”. The fact that we have come so far in the past 25 years is a miracle in progress. 
Our presence in Marydell for the past 25 years has helped us to grow.  We have the ability to register more students in the English classes due to the availability of many buildings.  Even during the past two years of COVID, we have been able to enforce safe protocol of space distance because of this.     The children's program is a wonderful help to parents who attend class, knowing that their children are getting homework help and volunteers are reading to their little children.  A coordinator plans creative activities and is assisted by middle, high school and college student volunteers. Our computer lab is available for classes as well as use by our English teachers with their students.  One to One Learning has its office space on the property at Gate 2.  It provides a space for our administrative tasks, as well as a place for guests to come to learn more about us.  You are most welcome to come to visit.  Training classes for new teachers and workshops take place there as well.    

We have laid the foundation during these past 25 years with the assistance of Dominican Sisters of Sparkill and so many other benefactors.  We are grateful to all and we continue to build on what we have started. 

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